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Vasectomy Reversal General Information

If you have had a vasectomy and want to father more children, the best option is a vasectomy reversal, also called Vasovasostomy.  It is more successful and less costly that in vitro fertilization, which requires harvesting sperm from the testicle and harvesting an egg from the ovary, to then fertilize the egg and implant it in the uterus.. The vasectomy reversal surgery is done under general anesthesia, and takes approximately 90 minutes.  The two ends of the vas deferens, which was cut at the time of the vasectomy, are sewn back together under an operating room microscope using suture thinner than a human hair.  Dr. Greenberger has extensive experience in microsurgery which can help enhance the chances of a successful vasectomy reversal.

After the vasectomy reversal surgery, you will feel similar to how you felt after the vasectomy, but recovery will take a few days longer.

Vasectomy Reversal Outcomes

Approximately 80% of men will have sperm return to the semen after a reversal.

The pregnancy/birth rate is 50 – 60% for men undergoing reversal less than 10 years after their vasectomy.

Years since vasectomy Chance of rebuilding an open vas channel Chance of pregnancy
Less than 3 years 97 % 76 %
3 to 8 years 88 % 53 %
9 to 14 years 79 % 44 %
Greater than 15 years 71 % 30 %

* Belker AM, et al.Results of 1,469 microsurgical vasectomy reversals by
the Vasovasostomy Study Group. Journal of Urology 1991; 145(3):505-11.

Our current charge for vasectomy reversal and routine follow up (excluding lab charges) is $6500.00.  *Some cases can be more complex and might cost more to take into account the longer surgery and anesthesia time required.*

What to do after your vasectomy reversal

  • Shower 48 hours after your surgery.  BE GENTLE when washing the scrotum.
  • Wear a scrotal supporter at all times (except in the shower), even when sleeping, for 6 weeks postoperatively.
  • After 6 weeks, I strongly encourage that you wear a scrotal supporter when you are standing – until pregnancy is achieved.
  • You may return to desk work in three days.
  • NO heavy work or sports for 3 weeks postoperatively.
  • NO INTERCOURSE OR EJACULATION for 4 weeks postoperatively.
  • Semen analysis should be done at 1 month postoperatively, and at 3 and six months if the initial analysis is abnormal.
  • It can take several months for sperm to return to the semen – sometimes as long as one year.
  • Once you have sperm on semen analysis, you should consider banking sperm in case pregnancy is not achieved naturally.